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Stellenbosch, not just the heart of the South African wine industry but also a place that is full of history and culture, it is here were the Folkore range was born.

In today’s busy society folklores, fables, legends and myths are often forgotten. We forget that these stories told by the older generation helped shaped us and played a big role in growing up. The Folklore Range was created to embrace these stories and contribute to their existence.

Some of them are humourful, some heroic and some downright terrifying, as such with life itself. Our wines want to form part of your conversations about life, happiness and all experiences bad or good.

Our wines together with the stories are carefully selected with the main goal of giving people something to talk about and contribute to a great time with family and friends.

Our wines are handcrafted on a small scale and sourced only from premium producers in the Stellenbosch region. Time, preparation, passion and quality form the cornerstones of our products; we strive to make each wine unique, unlike any other.

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